Terms & Conditions

Application Form shall be duly filled by applicant and he / she should sign on behalf of his / her self and other applicants he/she registered for. Applicant / s / are supposed to read all the terms and conditions before signing the booking form. Applicant/s present for booking are / are responsible for absent applicants.


Explanation of certain terminology regarding tour cost payable:
a) Twin sharing: Two persons sharing a two-bedded room. Three persons sharing three bedded room OR one queen size bed and one extra bed. Single occupancy: Single person in a one bedded room.
b) Adult: Person completed 12 years of age & above at the time of journey end date. Child: Person not completed 12 years of age & above at the time of journey end date. Infant: Child not completed 2 years of age & above at the time of journey end date
c) Minimum booking amount will be 40% (of total tour cost) / per person payable in cash, by Credit / Debit card, at PAR/CBS cheque/D.D. or transferred to bank account of company by NEFT/RTGS.
d) 2nd instalment should be a minimum 40% of tour cost 60 days in advance, balance amount shall be paid 30 days before departure otherwise company cannot be held liable for change in hotels, airline, tour dates, tour cost and other tour components. Also, the company will be unable to collect /process / deliver air tickets/transport (type, class, mode) & process visa.
e) Applicants will have to pay1) Tour cost will be paid in Indian Rupees for Indian tour. 2) For international tours, one part of the tour cost will be paid in Indian Rupees and the second part of foreign currency like US Dollars (USD) etc. will be payable in Indian Rupees at the prevailing foreign exchange rate of authorised Forex Agent Company as per RBI guideline.
f) Company does not accept any credit terms and all payment must be settled before commencement of tour / service within above mentioned time limit.
g) The Published tour cost is subject to change due to 1) Cost factor 2) Things beyond our control 3) Time interval between time of tour cost calculation and time of booking the tour / services
h) For payments made by Credit /Debit Card, an additional 2.5 % service charge is payable, which is levied by bank on us. Total tour payment is an interest free amount paid to ATT.


  1. a) Company (ATT) is bound to provide a Tour Escort only if there are a minimum 15 paying adults in the group.
  2. b) For every group or individual a Hindi speaking for Domestic tour & English speaking local guide or driver cum licensed guide for international tour will accompany during tour may (Not applicable for FIT)’

c)Tour Escort or the local guide is not bound to accompany during shopping, additional sightseeing and any leisure activities, although they will guide clients with information needed. Customers must pay charges for additional sightseeing directly on the spot to the respective organisation.

d)Tour Escort is a dignified professional representative of the Company (ATT). He is not bound to cater to any personal demands, and must be treated with dignity. He is authorised to take any suitable decision in the interest of the group for smooth functioning of the tour.


  1. a) Passport is an individual property thus issuance of new passport or passport renewal will not constitute part of an International Tour conducted by the company. Passport must be valid for a minimum 6 months from the date of arrival in India. If any tour applicant does not have a VALID passport at the time of booking, he / she should acquire a new / renewed passport in lime stipulated by the company. It will be at the own risk of the client.
    b) Passport issuance is totally controlled by the passport office and local police station. Company(ATT) has no control over the procedure as we only assist for the same. Thus, the company (ATT) cannot be blamed for any kind of delay in the issuance of passports.
    c) The company (ATT) will give the list of documents required to get a VISA. The tour member should submit all these documents within the lime schedule stipulated by the company. He / She should also submit additional documents and be interviewed whenever called by the concerned Consulate.
    d) Granting of visa is totally controlled by the consulate of each individual nation. Hence company (ATT) is not liable if visa application is rejected due to any reason or delayed due to the process of consulate. Also, sometimes the applicant is called upon to the consulate for a personal interview. In such a case, all expenses arising out of such visit to the consulate are to be borne by the applicant.
    e) We are not responsible for any typo errors that occur on stamped visas by the consulate/embassy regarding names. Gender, passport number, photo, duration, no. of entry’s, etc.
    f) We strongly recommend an international travel insurance policy with extra cost.


  1. a) Sightseeing mentioned only in brochure / quotation will be covered in the tour itinerary. Although we take optimum care to complete all sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary, there could be some unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. In such cases, any sightseeing place not covered due to unavoidable circumstances may not be repeated. And there will not be any refund for uncovered sightseeing.
    b) Additional sightseeing, extra show, Adventure games will be paid directly in cash by the customer on tour. Tour escort is not bound to accompany during such additional sightseeing.
    c)During sightseeing, there is predetermined time for departure, arrival and timing during sightseeing. Customers are expected to follow these timings punctually. If a customer is not able to report within such time, the bus may have to leave such a person behind.
    d) As we may be travelling in a group or with other tourists in ‘Seat in Coach System’ it is our duty that others should not suffer due to latecomers/ behaviours. The company (ATT) cannot be held liable for any missed sightseeing or show or any separate transport expense incurred by such a latecomer.
    e) The sightseeing spots, close enough within easy walking distance will be visited on foot. Company (ATT) is not bound to make any alternative transport arrangements for such Sightseeing.


  1. a) Early check is subject to availability.
  2. b) Customers supposed to follow the checkout time. Any charge or rent for late checkout is paid by the guest in cash and on the spot directly to the hotel.

c)Mini-bar, telephone, laundry bills or any other expense made by a guest at a hotel during his stay must be settled half an hour before the departure. Company (ATT) is not liable to pay for any damages Caused by the guest in hotel/ bus/cruise etc.

d)In rare circumstances the company (ATT) reserves the right to change hotels without prior notice. However, the new hotel provided would be equivalent in the same category.

  1. e) Safeguarding room keys is totally the client’s responsibility. In case of loss of room keys, guests must pay any penalty if applicable.
  2. f) If a client wants a superior class of rooms or a superior class of hotels, the Company () must be informed and additional charges to be paid in advance at the time of booking. Upgrade in the room category is subject to availability.
  3. g) We always organise good quality hotels for a pleasant stay. But room size, hotel amenities, class and overall staying experience always differs according to destination, locality, season, as well as personal choice and opinion of tour member


  1. a) In International travel, except for rare counties there is no arrangement like a porter. Presence and availability of the bellboys differs from destination / hotel to destination / hotel. Therefore, you must carry your own luggage. If porter service is available the charges will be paid by the client.
  2. b) Airline has normally given a baggage allowance of 20 / 30 Kg Check-in luggage and 5/7 kg Cabin luggage. But for any Low-Cost Airline the baggage allowance is 15 KG only. To travel to some countries like the USA, Canada, Australia & UK dimensions of travel bag are also prescribed. Any more weight or measurement than these limits may attract “excess baggage surcharge” & it must entirely be paid individually by the Client in cash.For domestic tour baggage weight will be allowed only 15 kg. Arrangement for extra luggage handling charges to be paid by the client.

c)We do not guarantee group check in and normally check in will be as per family, which is very convenient & time saving for the group.

d)In case of baggage loss during air travel/ transport vehicle; suffering tour members must bear all expenses like transportation, complaint etc.


  1. a) All international travel will be carried by Air-Conditioned transportation for domestic tour, mostly A-C transportation (except few specific sectors) will be arranged. In Jungle Safari / sometimes, most vehicles are non-AC. If any other mediums of transport (boats, trains) are utilizes there are not necessarily A/C
  2. b) Tour members must follow instructions given by coach captain and smoking, littering, food & beverage consumption is prohibited during transport.
  3. c) Clients, who want to upgrade their mode or class of travel (e.g. different airline, separate vehicle, etc.) shall intimate the company and pay the additional charges at the time of booking. Please note subject to availability.
  4. d) Seating arrangements in the bus is done according to booking dates of enrolled clients. Tour leader may imply rotation policy.
  5. e) Joining Or leaving passengers for tour: Passengers will have to join / leave the tour at points given by the company. Cost for the same will be borne by the client.
  6. f) Airport formalities-1. Check in, 2. Security check, 3. Immigration, 4. Boarding, 5. Air travel customer’s responsibility as per Warsaw convention act.


  1. a) Any international / domestic air ticket included in Tour Fee is always of Economy class. If you want to travel by business class or first Class, you must pay the difference of fare (as per airline rule)
    b) In case your tour booking is not made 45 days before the date of departure of a tour, you may have to pay a fare difference if your seats in the Airline are not confirmed in the same fare class which is included in the Tour Cost.


  1. A) All services are booked well in advance by the company (ATT). Partial/ full payment is made to local suppliers for commitment if such bookings are cancelled penalties is lay bid upon ATT. Thus, if client wants to cancel the tour due to any reason pre-determined cancellation charges may apply, which are explained further in this clause.
  2. B) If Client wants to cancel the tour, he/ she must give an application in writing OR send an e-mail, along with the original receipt. Cancellation application must be signed by the same person who has signed the application form at the time of booking.
  3. C) If Company (ATT) cancels the departure –

The company reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to the departure. In such case company (ATT) is not liable to grant any additional compensation but the entire amount of tour cost received will be refunded by account payee cheque to client/s.

Refund will be provided by the following points-

  1. i) Amount will be refunded in form of Indian rupees.
  2. ii) Refund process will take 45 days from the cancellation decision date.

iii) Refund will be strictly given in form of A/c payee cheque & nothing else.

  1. iv) Tour cost is non-transferable to other name but clients will be given an option to shift same amount to next date or different product/sector.
  2. v) Company will not bare any cancellation charges for additional services purchased by client other than our regular tour inclusions such as hotel booking, air ticketing, train, cruise, etc. after or Before tour, even if company cancels the tour.
  3. vi) In case ATT cancels / changes the schedule departure date of tour, ATT will not bear for air ticket, visa, insurance, hotel & transport cancellation/date change charges done individually by the client.
  4. D) If Client Cancels the tour –

For Domestic Tour Cancellation

If client cancels the tour, the cancellation charges will be as below.

45 Days prior to tour departure 10% of Total Tour Cost + Ticket cancellation charges .

30 Days prior to tour departure 20% of Total Tour Cost + Ticket cancellation charges.

20 Days   prior to tour departure 40% of Total Tour Cost + Ticket cancellation charges .

10 Days   prior to tour departure 60% of Total Tour Cost + Ticket cancellation.

00 to 09 Days prior to tour departure 100% (No Refund Applicable) of Total Tour Cost + Ticket cancellation.

0 Days prior to tour No show no refund

Please Note: – Those rules are not applicable for single person,

For single passenger/tourist cancellation rules are different

  1. Minimum 75% cancellation charges for 30 days & before tour date
  2. 100% for less than 30 days before tour date

For International tour of Total Tour Cost

If client cancels the tour, the cancellation charges will be as below

60 Days OR MORE prior to tour departure 15% or Rs. 10,000/- whichever is more + Air ticket cancellation charges + Visa cost

46 to 60 Days   prior to tour departure 25% or Rs. 15,000/- whichever is more + Air ticket cancellation charges + Visa cost

31 to 45 Days   prior to tour departure   35% or Rs. 25,000/- whichever is more + Air ticket cancellation charges + Visa charges if any

16 to 30 Days prior to tour departure 50% of Total Tour Cost + Air ticket cancellation

06 to 15 Days   prior to tour departure   75% of Total Tour Cost + Air ticket cancellation

00 to 05 Days   prior to tour departure 100% (No Refund Applicable) of Total Tour Cost + Air ticket cancellation

0 Days prior to tour No show no refund


Please Note: – Those rules are not applicable for single person,

For single passenger/tourist cancellation rules are different

  1. Minimum 75% cancellation charges for 30 days & before tour date
  2. 100% for less than 30 days before tour date

Conditions Related to cancellation by client are as follows –

  1. i) Any changes in tour programmed by the client will attract cancellation for previous arrangements as well as charges for revised arrangements.

ii)Visa/hotel booking insurance/air tickets are interrelated services / sequential services. In case of any rejection in mentioned services, then the client will have to pay cancellation charges Individually for any services rejected.

iii) Customers must abide by and pay the cancellation charges as per rule, terms & conditions if different organisations like hotel, airlines, cruise, etc. We will refund the amount only after the Receipt of the amount from respected organisations.

  1. iv) ATT will not be responsible for the cancellation of tours booked from the sub agents/ tour operators like Star Tours, Swiss Tours, Star Cruises, etc. We are not liable for any kind of refund in such cases. Refunds will be given as per the policies of that respected company.
  2. v) If Client/s have any disputes with the cancelled hotels/airlines or any other travel arrangements, he/she will have to bare the legal charges.
  3. vi) For single passenger / tourist cancellation rules are different – i) minimum 75% cancellation charges for 30 days & before tour dates. ii) 100% for less than 30 days before the tour date.

vii) ATT has the right to alter cancellation policy subject to every case & no answerability remains with ATT in case of such changes.


In these terms & conditions, the following words & terms shall have the meaning:

Company– Arvi Tours & Travels, Thane. Hereafter mentioned as AAT.

Client / applicant = Tour Members / customers / tourist.

I/ We  hereby acknowledge that I/we have read and understood the terms and conditions as provided above.

I/ We   have read that the information provided by me is correctly entered in the form.